Trioctyl Trimellitate – (TOTM)

TOTM – (Trioctyl Trimellitate)

Trioctyl Trimellitate (TOTM) is a high molecular weight, branched plasticizer used for PVC applications where end use requires extreme low volatility. Such applications may include vinyl automotive interiors or molded parts, dishwasher gaskets, gaskets, and telephone cable.
A stabilizer can be added to the TOTM, making it useful in electrical cable and wire applications. It also works well in mixtures with other low volatility plasticizers including TOTM, DUP or DOTP. As an oil ester, TOTM can be used as API category Group V base fluid or additive. Its properties make it useful in high temperature applications requiring high viscosity, oxidative stability and good dissolving and lubricating properties.
Applications of this type include motor oils, compressor oils, high temperature chain oils and greases.